5 Changes You'll Experience When You Sign-up for a Meal Delivery Service

You love food and everything about it - the smell, the texture, the taste. Heck, even the preparation. But just because you love it doesn't mean you're experiencing it how you'd like.

You lead a busy life and your menus suffer. But it doesn't have to be like that. Get back to the basics with a meal delivery service, where you receive delicious and healthy food to be delivered straight to your door. 

Skeptics, hear us out. Look at these 5 ways your life will completely change after signing up for a meal delivery service.

1. Your Palate Will Soar

Difficult-to-pronounce foods are associated with elegance, and these meal delivery services have some dishes that are really chic sounding. Just look at some of the menu items a company such as Blue Apron will send you: Fontina-stuffed pork chops, Chicken under a "brick", seared salmon and lemon Labneh, spinach and fresh mozzarella pizza and the list goes on. 

And the food not only tastes good, but the ingredients are farm-fresh and natural. You may even find yourself boasting to your co-workers about your new hobby.

mature palate comes with healthy food

2. You'll Cook (More) Like a Pro

Having ingredients delivered means you get the best of both worlds: simpler choices and home cooked goodness. Sure, you had some help picking out the dishes and gathering the ingredients, but those are just details. You're the one who put it all together. 

And notice what happens. You'll learn more about which foods work together. No more will dinner be pancakes and syrup, but you'll whip out the pan-fried cod and potato cakes. Oh, and don't forget the marinated cabbage slaw.

3. You'll Try Exotic Foods

You'll get the curious foods and actually use them.

You're going to try foods like Harissa Chicken Sandwiches and new ingredients like fontina cheese, tinkerbell peppers, freekeh and labneh.

If you're the type of person who wants to try new things but doesn't know where to start, maybe a meal delivery service is the way to go. You might discover your adventurous side. 

4. You'll Save Time

Meal delivery services, like BistroMD‚Äč and Blue Apron, will send you all of the ingredients you need for each meal, cutting out a chunk of your shopping list and shopping trip (yay!). 

Just imagine all of the possible things you can do with the time. You can spend more time with your loved ones, catch up on that show from 5 years ago that you've been meaning to watch or just relax.

5. You'll be Greener

This is something to be proud of. Companies like Blue Apron tout supporting regenerative farming practices that replenish the land, eliminating the middleman in order to deliver fresher food and best of all, reduce food waste by understanding member-specific portions. According to Blue Apron, they saved 2.8 million lbs of food last year and that's something to feel good about contributing to.

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